Film Crew


For a movie to be successful, there are a big bunch of people who work day and night to make it happen. It’s their hard work that gets a movie from script to screen. From screenwriter to director or production designer to costume designer, each brings in a different element and skill during the film shoot.

As the production gets larger, more people are needed to handle various aspects. Although all roles in the film production team are equally important, an effective communication strategy and good teamwork are required to get the job done for a better end product.

With a combined experience of nearly 50 years in media production, our pool of highly creative, trained, and motivated crew have the key to infuse newness in every frame.

Our crew members are reputed professionals from the ad film, feature film and media fraternities.

Nevertheless, we feel there is still room for everyone. If you feel you have the capability to should responsibility and adeptness join us.