Selecting Actors, while simple in nature, is an important part of the level-editing process. The ability to quickly and easily select the Actors that you want to work with enhances productivity and speeds up the design process.

It goes without saying that actors are a core piece of any film so it’s imperative we choose the right ones. In the past weeks, our students have been learning about the auditioning process and the four key points needed when picking the best actors: emotional range, authenticity, ability to take direction, and personality. Recently, our students were able to see those skills in action during a workshop where actors came in to audition for their next short film project, and with those points in mind, take part in choosing the right actors for the roles!

Choosing the right actor isn’t an easy feat.Each actor brings his or her own unique personality and essence to the role…we have to pick which one suits the character best. So an informal, but fifth, final and implicit point is – know the character you’ve created inside and out, so that when you’re choosing the best actor, it’ll feel like you’re reuniting with an old friend.

We are in the process of selecting actors – males and females for our movie.

Anyone looking for an opportunity please download the form, fill it and send.

Artists Regn Form